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Project Management

Offering support for your new or running projects. More then 20 years cross-industry project experience will help you to streamline your management processes. 


ICT Concept Development

Striving to find the best technology-based solutions for our clients. ICT concepts and software development which fit your business and increase productivity.


Business Strategy

Realizing your vision and achieving the desired result. Setting the right competitive moves and actions to meet the organizational objectives. Complete business strategy.


Risk Management

Effective risk management, which provides you with the information you need to run the business, make better decisions and take the right risks. 



Providing a global cross-industry business network which helps you with realizing international expansion, outsourcing, expert hiring and founding.


Drawings & 3D-Scan

Planning, CAD drawing and 3D-simulation of your construction. 3D-scanning and modeling of industry constructions e.g. for nuclear power stations.


CSM Schiemenz Pty Ltd. 
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